NATIONAL HEAT TREAT - Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing (In-house):

Standard Rockwell (A,B,C) scales,
Superficial Testing (15N/30N/45N and 15T/30T/45T).
Brinell hardness testing 3000kg, and MET-U1A Phase II tester.

Metallurgical lab :

Microstructure and Metallurgical Evaluation, Microhardness Testing and Failure analysis.

Performed On-Site by Independent Lab:

Ultrasonic and Wet-Magnetic particle inspection

Performed at Independent Qualified Approved Metallurgical Laboratories:

Mechanical Tensile and Charpy Impact, Stress Rupture, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Sub-Zero Testing, Dye Penetrant, Chemical Analysis, Microstructure and Metallurgical Evaluation, and Failure analysis.