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National Heat Treat - Welcome

National Heat Treat is a full-service, thermal-processing solutions company. Located in Houston, Texas National Heat Treat's 50,000 square foot facility houses our cutting-edge infrastructure, including the largest commercial vacuum furnace in the southwest United States. We look forward to serving you. When you choose to work with National Heat Treat, you can expect to receive the highest caliber service in every aspect of heat-treating.

National Heat Treat Office

About National Heat Treat company

At National Heat Treat, we understand and appreciate the level of technical expertise in all heat treating processes, necessary to meet client needs. The methods we use must be and are as advanced as the industries we serve. Therefore, we approach every project with the requisite education, depth and rage of experience and a thorough understanding in order to execute precise control in the processes of heating and cooling metals in any alloy combination.
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Our Heat Treating Services

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    Metallurgist expertise
    Vacuum aging
    Vacuum annealing
    Vacuum solution annealing
    Vacuum full annealing
    Vacuum hardening
    Atmosphere hardening
    Atmosphere normalizing
    Atmosphere anneal
    Atmosphere carburizing
    Atmosphere carbonitriding
    Box furnace tempering
    Open normalizing
    Car bottom furnace tempering
    Lab & non-destructive testing
    We can age, stress relieve, anneal, shrink fit, bake, post-weld heat treat, and burn-off allmaterials get a quote