All your Questions answered in one place

Q. Are all heat treaters the same?

No! There are several important questions you should ask when choosing a heat treater. What capabilities does the heat treater possess in terms of equipment and experience? Is heat treating done in-house or is it merely outsourced to other companies after adding a surcharge? Is the heat treater certified to ISO 9001? Is the equipment surveyed and calibrated on a regular basis? Does the company have effective quality and safety programs? How long has the company been in existence? Is it likely to be around in the future to honor any warranties? For a more detailed discussion on this important topic, see How to Choose a Heat Treater.

Q. My parts are already finish machined. Can I still heat treat them?

Maybe. Distortion and scaling are potential problems when heat treating finished parts. However, depending on the heat treat operation desired, the material, and other factors, it may be possible to process the material using special equipment and processes. Contact us and our experienced team will explain your options.

Q. I need my parts heat treated yesterday! Is expedited service available?

Yes. While our normal delivery time of 5 – 7 days is among the best in the industry, we offer expedited processing that can have your parts ready in as little as 24 – 48 hours, depending on the process.

Q. I need to have my parts picked up. What is the pickup and delivery charge?

NATIONAL HEAT TREAT offers free pickup and delivery in the greater Houston area. Call us for details.

Q. Is NATIONAL HEAT TREAT committed to quality?

Absolutely! We are certified to ISO 9001:2105. Our quality assurance department is charged to ensure that we are in compliance with industry and customer requirements. Our equipment is calibrated and surveyed on a regular basis.