Why choose Us.

NATIONAL HEAT TREAT has the experience, equipment, and commitment to excellence to provide our customers with the ultimate in thermal processing. Our staff, with more than 100 years of combined heat treating know-how, is at your service to address all of your heat treating needs. We offer turnkey service, starting with free pickup in the greater Houston area to cleaning to heat treating to testing and inspection to certification and delivery. (See our Services list for more details).

What we Offer.

Free Pick-up and Delivery - Through-out Houston and surrounding areas. Please call to schedule your pick-up today.

Payment Methods - We provide terms and easy method of payments for large corporations as well as any smaller entities. We accept ACH, Company Checks, and Major Credit Cards.


Abrasive Blasting
Abrasive blasting works by placing a part in a blast cabinet and bombarding the part surface with an abrasive media propelled by compressed air at high velocity. Abrasive blasting removes surface contamination such as rust or paint and is often used to prepare the part surface for painting or other operations..  Read More
Atmosphere Processing
NATIONAL HEAT TREAT operates five batch atmosphere furnaces, each equipped with an integral oil quench. These furnaces are used for a variety of operations.  Read More
Box Furnace/Ovens
Box furnaces are used for a variety of operations including tempering, annealing, and normalizing.  Read More
Gas Nitriding
Gas Nitriding is a surface hardening process in which nitrogen is diffused into the surface of a part to create a layer of hard nitride particles.  This imparts abrasion and wear resistance to the part.  Parts to be nitrided should be in the finish machined condition and previously heat treated to the desired mechanical properties.  Read More
Open Fire
OPEN FIRE HEAT TREATING is done in a furnace with an oxidizing atmosphere. Open Fire treatment can lead to the formation of oxide scales on part surfaces and is not suitable for finish-machined parts.  Read More
Testing and Inspection
NATIONAL HEAT TREAT offers a wide range of testing and inspection procedures, performed in our own metallurgical laboratory or by qualified independent labs. Our testing equipment is calibrated at regular intervals by an independent third-party agency.  Read More
WHY VACUUM HEAT TREATING? At the elevated temperatures used in heat treating, metal surfaces react with oxygen, hydrogen, water vapor and other atmospheric gases to cause undesirable effects including oxidation, decarburization, cracking, corrosion damage, and discoloration. This is especially problematic when finish machined parts are being heat treated. Vacuum heat treating solves this problem by heat treating in a special vessel from which virtually all of the air has been removed. Quenching is performed using high velocity argon or nitrogen gas.  Read More
HeatTreating Open Fire

NATIONAL HEAT TREAT is here to service and provide thermal processing to industries such as:

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  • Forgings
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  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Military
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